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BORN TO PLANT It’s a passion for the work we do…for the concepts and the needs that produce the creative results; for the work, the good, honest, physical work it takes; the pride in a job well done, and finally for the results.


Plants that grow, keep changing, keep producing oxygen and a healthier, more beautiful world and so much more.

Native California Plants

Native California Plants have always been important to our work at Madrone.  The Madrone is a native California tree, and inspires our company’s approach to landscaping.

Natives, when properly used, can provide excellent performance while thriving with less care required, including water use, fertilizers and pest control for a more sustainable garden.

Las Pilitas Nursery

Edible Plants

Edible Plants have obvious benefits in today’s landscapes.  If there is ever a plant earning its keep, it’s one that yields food!

Whether incorporated in a permaculture design, or in areas set aside exclusively for food production, such as raised beds or orchards, it pays to include food-bearing  plants in your landscape.

The National Gardening Association

Mediterranean Plants

Mediterranean Plants are any plants that are adaptable to climates like those found on the Central Coast of California (those include Mediterranean Europe, the Western Cape of Southern Africa, Central Chile in South America, Southern Australia and California)

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden