Landscape Design Services

Madrone Landscapes designs projects to create a unique experience, reflect our connection with the natural environment, and foster a relationship that goes beyond basic design practice alone.

Design Philosophy

We understand our clients’ motivations and goals through in-depth observation, diligent listening, and budget analysis. The landscapes we create speak for themselves; the feeling of being immersed in a Madrone design is unlike any other because we deeply explore how our design decisions will affect the user experience. Our projects are built to succeed today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Design Process


  • On-site meeting (free for local projects)
  • Discuss project goals, ideas, and scope
  • Design proposal written up by designer: outlines project scope and fees for design work

Design Prep

  • Site measurements and photos taken on site
  • Base map drafted for plan use

First Meeting – Concept Plan

  • Less detail, more general spatial and elemental layout and options
  • Red-line 1 copy of plan and mark up for changes: designer keeps a copy, client keeps a copy
  • First 50% of design fee is charged

Second Meeting – Refined Plan and Budgetary Estimate

  • All plan elements included with specifications and detail as needed
  • Construction estimate provided: all plan elements are given a line item showing cost for installation
  • Red-line plan and estimate to fit budget, priorities, and break into phases as needed
  • Next 25% of design fee is charged

Third Meeting – Finalized Plan and Estimate

  • Plans and estimate are further refined from last meeting
  • Discussion of construction process and timeline
  • Last 25% of design fee is charged

Post-Design – Madrone Construction

  • All construction crews are in-house
  • Designer is involved and available throughout the construction process
  • Seamless transition between every stage of the project