Outdoor Living is what makes the Central Coast so special.

Your landscape can be what makes your property your own special place.

The choices you make when selecting your hardscape elements will be with you for a long time. Madrone’s decades of experience creating landscapes has given us great resources to help you make those decisions. It’s vital to consider the balance of aesthetics, function, and sustainability.

Understanding how to make the best choices in landscape construction is what Madrone Landscapes is all about. Our team of landscape professionals continues to produce great results for clients in all phases of landscape construction – see here in these examples.



Using materials that create the least impact on the environment is an important principle of sustainable landscaping. Heritage materials, recycled materials, found objects and local, natural materials can greatly enhance a landscape. They should not be thought of as cheap substitutes. We aren’t talking about compromise, but using all the available information to make informed, appropriate choices. If more sustainable materials work, let’s use them.

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