Serene Woodland Retreat | Templeton, CA

Set on a backdrop of mature oak woodland, this carefully crafted landscape complements a beautiful new residence in all the right ways. Crossing between naturalistic plantings at transitions to the natural landscape and linear arrangements nearer hardscape elements such as landscape walls and segmented concrete paths, the plantings respond to both context and architectural style. Rock mulches, including areas of black Mexican beach pebbles, give a clean basis for a palette of blue glow Agave, Hesperaloe, Kniphofia, and other architectural shrubs and trees. Sight lines across the pool deck are maintained and enhanced with low ornamental grasses and spreading groundcovers, as well as red-barked Arbutus trees for a subtle pop of landscape color. A large noiyo cobble drainage basin with mossy boulders anchors the large front landscape, with seasonal color provided by groupings of purple lavender.

Landscape Design & Construction: Madrone Landscape