Templeton Estate | Templeton, CA

This setting offers beauty from every angle. Driving up to the residence, visitors are greeted with a series of dg paths and a grand display of native and Mediterranean plants. Some of the selections, like New Zealand Flax and Cape Rush, offer year-round interest, while the seasonal bloomers such as yarrow, create a profusion of color during their bloom period.

Walking around to the other side of the house, the backyard reveals its vast expanse. On one end, a natural stone firepit and seating area await the perfect winter night. Above that sits a series of steps leading to a gazebo that overlooks the vineyards. Across the way, a large wooden pergola shades the patio – offering relief from the hot summer sun. Nearby, surrounded by California native plants, sits a bubbling boulder fountain. All the elements together create a landscape perfectly suited for every season.


Design, Install, and Maintenance: Madrone Landscape