Harmony Ranch

Harmony Ranch

Harmony Ranch | Harmony, CA

The surrounding coastal hills of this residence are prone to heavy winds and beautiful vistas. In an effort to shield this home from view from the road, a large grassy mound protects the home from prevailing wind and hides it from sight. The native and drought-tolerant grasses flow in the wind and simulate a contemporary version of the surrounding grass-covered hills. A mixture of pervious gravel and modular concrete situate use patterns, while the native mature Oak trees provide instant habitat.

The deer-fenced orchard and vegetable garden features raised planters, composting bins, and a pavilion, mostly constructed with locally sourced redwood.

Landscape Design: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape | Landscape Construction: Madrone Landscapes | Residence Architect: Studio 2G | Residence Contractor: Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc.

California Native Oasis

California Native Oasis

California Native Oasis | Atascadero, CA

Situated on a corner near the entrance to a planned development in Atascadero, homeowners sought both privacy and a multi-use entertainment space planted with a low-maintenance, native palette. Live-ability was their primary focus, seeking sensible choices for a landscape that would function well for their family and lifestyle. The finished project was formed from a strong vision and a willingness to wait for the most ideal amenities to be developed, resulting in a balanced and precise personal oasis.

A mortarless retaining wall, wide sidewalk of permeable pavers, and low stucco wall shield an inviting yet private front patio from the street. A local boulder with a core-drilled center serves as a vanishing fountain flanked by two benches made from recycled cypress logs. Two of the seven varieties of manzanita on the property grace the porch: the Manzanita morroensis, native to Morro Bay, and the Dr. Hurd, a multi-branched tree with glossy light green leaves.

Past a south facing raised vegetable bed and fruit trees, a wide path winds through tall deer grass on its way to the backyard, pool, and patio. A curving, elevated bed of stacking stone along one side of the pool decking is wide enough to sit on, full of native plants and another vanishing fountain.

An outdoor poolside kitchen provides a focal point for the backyard. Rough-sawn, horizontal siding covers the existing fence and continues along the back of the structure as a sliding barn door to conceal pool equipment. Slender veldt grass, Carpenteria Bush Anemone, carex, and potted succulents hug the various stone surface treatments. The cypress bar is recycled from the same log as the front benches.

Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance: Madrone Landscapes

Tolosa Winery

Tolosa Winery

Tolosa Winery | San Luis Obispo, CA

Tolosa’s tasting room sits nestled within the vines of Edna Valley. Walking up to the tasting room door, visitors are greeted with playful grasses dancing in the ever-present breeze. Once led to the back patio, there are multiple seating nooks to choose from based on group size. The main area is very open, with flagstone paths leading to different seating options. Umbrellas offer the most shade in these areas, with minimal plantings to accentuate the hardscape. Following the path toward the grove of olive trees, smaller, more intimate spaces come into view. The field-grown olive trees offer more dense shade and privacy to these nooks, with grasses and path lights leading the way through the space. Finally, the area opens back up to showcase an incredible, metal kinetic sculpture that moves gently with the breeze. At the base of the sculpture, brightly-colored sage and kangaroo paw plants complete the dynamic centerpiece.

Landscape Design: Christy O’Hara and MW Architects |  Landscape Construction: Madrone Landscapes and JW Design

Madrone was approachable during the decision-making process. They understood our ultimate goals and seemed to be a company that would be responsive to our needs. That turned out to be true! Accommodating and responsive, the landscape construction team were great partners. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large project, Madrone is invested in our success. I would recommend using Madrone for design as well as for installation because having the project continuity is greatly beneficial.

June McIvor

President and CEO, Tolosa Winery

Templeton Estate

Templeton Estate

Templeton Estate | Templeton, CA

This setting offers beauty from every angle. Driving up to the residence, visitors are greeted with a series of dg paths and a grand display of native and Mediterranean plants. Some of the selections, like New Zealand Flax and Cape Rush, offer year-round interest, while the seasonal bloomers such as yarrow, create a profusion of color during their bloom period.

Walking around to the other side of the house, the backyard reveals its vast expanse. On one end, a natural stone firepit and seating area await the perfect winter night. Above that sits a series of steps leading to a gazebo that overlooks the vineyards. Across the way, a large wooden pergola shades the patio – offering relief from the hot summer sun. Nearby, surrounded by California native plants, sits a bubbling boulder fountain. All the elements together create a landscape perfectly suited for every season.


Design, Install, and Maintenance: Madrone Landscapes

Mediterranean Residence

Mediterranean Residence

Mediterranean Residence | Paso Robles, CA

This Mediterranean residence makes outdoor living more comfortable. A soft plant palette frames the incredible views of the property, and the architectural succulents, grasses, and other low-growing plants maintain the sustainable, low-water-use design.

Some of the plants include: Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Century Agave (Agave Americana), Variegated Century Agave (Agave americana ‘Variegata’), Whale’s Tongue Agave (Agave ovatifolia), Sunset Rockrose (Cistus ‘Sunset’), California Rush (Juncus patens), and Catmint (Nepeta x fassennii ‘Walker’s Low’).

Landscape Design and Construction: Madrone Landscapes