People Love Us on Yelp!

People Love Us on Yelp!

Madrone Awarded Yelp! 2021 Honor

And that’s the amazing thing—we’ve won dozens of incredible awards from officials, regions, and authorities which identify our skills on a specialized level, but Yelp! ratings aren’t professional reviews. They’re the opinions of average folks like us and like you, and that’s what makes this so special.

Our community is deeply important to us at Madrone, so having the approval and support of our clients and neighbors is an honor, and we’re excited to display something so small as the “People Love Us on Yelp!” window cling that we received this year. We earned this award through having a significant enough number of positive reviews that we were singled out as a business of genuine quality, and we treasure every review that got us here.

This honor is for 2021, and we’ll be working hard to make our community proud every year to come. Thank you, everyone, for your support.

Pataye Residence: 2020 Green Landscape Honor Award

Pataye Residence: 2020 Green Landscape Honor Award

Madrone Landscapes has been honored with the Central Coast Green Building Chapter Green Landscape Award for the Pataye residence.

The beautiful Pataye residence is a contemporary, off grid home featuring rammed earth blocks and set in a forest along the northern central coast of California. Madrone Landscapes incorporated the contemporary architecture with the mixed evergreen forest, maximizing usable outdoor space while minimizing maintenance and energy inputs.

The award-winning design includes a simple, low-maintenance plant palette to complement and showcase the modern home design, using native, drought-tolerant plants with dramatic details and striking contrasts. The foliage color and texture to create an impressive effect alongside the modern home.

Madrone Landscapes’ entry courtyard feature has a one-of-a-kind water wall that collects and cascades into a large reflection pool, stimulating all the senses. The diagonally-set pavers, featuring locally-sourced rock mulch, provide a striking accent that helps tie the contemporary with the surrounding landscape. Solar panels were installed to efficiently and automatically power low voltage LED lighting off the grid. Madrone also created a lawn area with a beautiful, native turf substitute. 

A subsurface drip irrigation system was installed to conserve water, reduce environmental impact and maintenance. A ‘smart’ irrigation controller was included which draws satellite weather information and automatically adjusts run times and saves water. Madrone’s design also redirects rainfall to the nearby natural creeks and watershed.

Madrone Landscapes wishes to thank the Pataye family and the Central Coast Green Building Chapter for this honor.

Project Architect: Jade Architecture
Contractor: Semmes and Co. Builders
Qualified Nurseries: West Covina, Boething Treeland, Native Sons and Village Nurseries

In Focus: CLCA Beautification Awards 2019

In Focus: CLCA Beautification Awards 2019

By: Ian Parker

2019 continues to fly by, and as Spring came to a close we were honored to once again participate in the California Landscape Contractor’s Association’s Beautification Awards competition.  This annual event invites Landscape Contractors from throughout  San Luis Obispo County to submit their top projects to be judged by a panel of highly regarded landscape professionals.  Judging of the projects is based on a strict criteria of artistic and technical achievement, with a focus on quality and workmanship. 

For this year’s event, Madrone Landscapes entered four of our recent projects, and we are excited to announce that all four projects brought home top prizes in their respective categories!  We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the projects and delve into what makes them worthy of top honors!

Project Spotlight:  Gampe Residence

Category:  Medium Residential Landscape Installation

Award: 1st Place – Medium Residential Landscape Installation

Description:  This project, completed in the Fall of 2018, posed a tough design challenge as we were asked to make a big impact in a small space.  High end finishes like a stone veneered retaining wall and a beautiful, flowing Sweetwater Flagstone patio border helped provide the artistic touches that the Client was after.  A beautiful blend of pea gravel and river cobble does a wonderful job of complementing the drought tolerant plant palette, creating pound for pound one of our favorite projects of the year.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Project Spotlight:  Humphrey Residence

Category:  Large Residential Landscape Installation

Award: 1st Place – Large Residential Landscape Installation

Description:  Nestled in a beautiful North County Live Oak forest, this project combines all that makes landscaping on the Central Coast of California so special.  The architecture and aesthetic of the home called for an updated take on the ‘English Cottage Garden’ aesthetic, which our designers were able to accomplish through a predominately California Native plant palette. The beautiful custom trellises in the back yard do a wonderful job of complimenting the accents of the home, and provide an improved level of comfort and security as you enjoy the lawn area – which is often used to host summer concerts for the client and their friends.  Stamped and colored concrete walkways meander through the landscape, providing safe passage while softening the rigidity often associated with the use of concrete.  Several unique seating areas provide the perfect vantage point to enjoy the abundance of birds, butterflies and bees that frequent the garden. Overall, this project has proven to be an achievement worthy of recognition!

Project Spotlight:  Pataye Residence

Category:  Residential Estate Landscape Installation

Award: Design / Build Award – All Categories (Installation)

Architect: Jade Architecture             Builder:  Semmes and Co. Builders (GC)

Description:  Easily one of our favorite projects of the past year, the Pataye Residence is one that demands you stop and take notice.  The architecture of this new home and the natural beauty of the location are amazing on their own, so we knew that only a contemporary take on the California Native garden would suffice. Our designers opted to use Carex praegracillis in place of traditional lawn, and chose to irrigate with sub-surface drip irrigation – conserving water, and falling right in line with the environmental focus of this off-grid masterpiece. The entry courtyard features a one-of-a-kind water wall which collects and cascades into a large reflection pool, stimulating all the senses. The unique details and high-end features of this project made it both fun and gratifying to work on at every phase, and we are so excited to receive this prestigious award for our efforts!

Project Spotlight: Edwards Residence

Category:  Residential Estate Maintenance

Award: Sweepstakes Award – Best of All Categories (Maintenance)

Description:  Completed in 2014, this gorgeous Madrone landscape has been one of our favorites for a long time. The 5 acre property features several acres of vineyard, as well as numerous outdoor living spaces surrounded by beautiful drought tolerant landscaping.  Proper planning and installation has made this property a dream to maintain. Now, as a budding 5 year old landscape, we felt it was time for this property to get the recognition that it deserves.  Our wonderful clients recognize the maintenance needs of such a gorgeous property, and encourage us to take the time to focus on the details and keep things looking their best.  Kudos to our maintenance team for doing such a great job and bringing home the highest landscape maintenance honor in the County!